Saturn Peach

Definition Saturn Peach is a peach-like fruit with which it shares genes, as its velvety skin, its colors, its flattened shape and the sweet taste are very attractive. For its flattened shape, it becomes easy to eat fruit and attractive. It resembles a donut and is ideal for children fruit.



Its properties are very important because it is anticarcinogenic and antioxidant and contains carotene, a feature substance is plenty of fruits and highly recommended for stomach problems.

Paraguayans consume sometimes helps prevent the states of nervousness or anxiety to protect part of the state of the teeth, eyes and skin.

Nutritional information Paraguay

Calories 45 kcal.

0.6 g protein.

11.7 g carbohydrates.

Total Fat 0.2 g.

12 g fiber.


vitamins Minerals

Vitamin A 880 IU Calcium 9 mg.

0.02 mg vitamin B1. Magnesium 10 mg.

0.05 mg vitamin B2. Phosphorus 19 mg.

Vitamin C 7 mg.




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