Manuel Prieto born in Lepe land of farmers was growing in a core of a family dedicated to agriculture where devoted all his time to the cultivation of survival giving all his love and pampering for obtaining fruits. It was in the 1970s when you enter the first strawberries in the south, is when you decide with your experience as a farmer start the cultivation of strawberries using techniques of cultivation of the moment. Started with 100 thousand plants in the farm the sidewalks with varieties that were Douglas and Tioga these came from America. It was already in the year 2000 when it decided to found Fresgilera together with their children, a third generation to engage in the export of this fruit to obtain quality already 100% with new cultivation techniques and to be able to export its fruits. All these years has been cultivating with love and many efforts to obtain the fruits of more quality of the provinces of Huelva since we are located in the area most precocious in the southern hemisphere in these moments we are in continuous growth since it with our quality, we have come to the whole of Europe Our customers continue to repeat years after years and trusting in us as we rely always in quality and meet the needs of each client.
Respect means environment Taste, Quality Customer commitment

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